What Safer Place To Board Your Pet Than At The Vet? We consider it a vacation for your family member pet when they board with us! We offer extremely clean and secure accommodations, individual attention, a fenced play yard, heated and air conditioned kennels and accommodations for multiple same family pets. And if your pet has a medical condition or is receiving medications you can feel confident that you are leaving your beloved pet with a highly skilled animal health care team.

Our dedicated boarding staff spend their time playing with, and/or grooming, your pet while they stay with us. Everyone gets plenty of time out of their kennel interacting with staff and just enjoying themselves. Let your dog romp and play in our large grassy play yard or play in the kiddie wading pool. Your cat will enjoy the sun filled play room and the warm window seat for napping.


The thought of surgery for our furry family members can make anyone a bit nervous. Anesthesia is never completely without risk, however, at Ark and Eastgate we work very hard to make the experience as safe and pain free as possible. All patients receive pre, intra and post operative pain control injections, with many procedures having pain medication to go home as well. Our doctors and surgical staff pay special attention to our surgical patient's needs and keep them warm and comfortable from check in to check out. All our patients receive an IV catheter for rapid venous access in the case of an emergency.

We have complete monitoring systems that monitor body functions during your pet's procedure including: EKG, blood pressure, respiration rate, oxygen saturation and core body temperature. A surgical assistant is with your pet from the time of induction of anesthesia until they are out of surgery and recovering in the treatment area. Recovering pets rest comfortably in our treatment area being watched closely for the rest of the day until released back to your care.

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Wellness Visits

Bringing your pet in for an annual diagnostic and wellness checkup can help reassure you that your dog or cat is healthy or help us detect hidden diseases or conditions early. Early detection can improve the prognosis of many diseases, keep medical costs down, and help your pet live longer. Many dogs and cats are good at hiding signs that something is wrong, so subtle changes in their health or behavior might be easy to overlook. And, depending on the disease, some pets don’t show any symptoms.

Dogs and cats age far quicker than humans, so it is even more crucial for our companion animals to receive regular exams. In addition, the risks of arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hormone disorders, and kidney and liver problems all increase with age.

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